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Business Phone Systems

At Solutions In Technology we have a wealth of experience in helping clients to choose the right business telephone system for them.


Our Phone Systems

Understanding your business needs, issues and opportunities is absolutely key to how we configure your telephone system and make the best use of features available. What’s important is that our affordable business phone systems provide an easy way to make your workforce more available and more efficient.

Focused on providing complete flexibility we can deploy a combination of IP, digital or analogue handsets to suit different requirements and to meet the needs of future expansion, moves and changes.

Whether your company requires a complex multi-site solution with mobile and remote workers or a single standalone office solution we have a system to suit your requirements. The modular design of our telephone system platforms means that there is a solution with the same ‘feature rich’ functionality for every size of business.

Having partnered with respected, market leading vendors such as NEC, 3CX, NFON and Horizon, we‘re able to provide a fully bespoke phone system package for your business needs.  Whether it’s an ergonomically designed desk phone, cordless phone to allow you to be contactable throughout your office, or a headset to keep your hands free, we have the phones to meet your business needs.

Whatever systems and handsets you choose; we’ll configure them for you so that they’re ready to use straight out of the box.

We plan, deliver and install directly by ourselves ensuring that we are 100% in control of the entire process.  Full customer training is delivered at the point of installation on all our phone systems by our highly skilled team of engineers, which have been trained directly by the manufacturers.



  1. Improve employee performance.
  2. Identify peak times/days/hours or seasons.
  3. Detect or deter security breaches and inappropriate calls.
  4. Identify bottlenecks or underperforming staff.
  5. Learn more about your customers.


  1. Psychologically reduce the on hold time.
  2. Minimise caller hang up rates.
  3. Promote products and services.
  4. Enhance your corporate image.
  5. 100% target market accuracy.


  1. Resolve disputes, protect your business with evidence.
  2. Improve employee performance and customer satisfaction.
  3. Detect or deter security breaches and inappropriate calls.
  4. Coach your employees with examples of high and low-quality calls.
  5. Learn about your customers & their response to marketing campaigns.


  1. Number of calls waiting to be answered.
  2. Ring time of longest waiting calls.
  3. CLI’s of calls in progress to see who your extension users are talking to.
  4. Coach your employees with examples of high and low-quality calls.
  5. Extension status, what’s happening on each extension right now.

Service & Support

Our Service Scheduling system automatically selects the right engineer for the job, taking into consideration such things as which engineer has the skills to fix a specific problem, the distance that the engineer will need to travel to get to the job, and what parts the engineer will need to have on hand.

Our standard engineer onsite support operating hours are 08.30 to 17.00 Monday to Friday (excluding UK and Scottish Public Bank Holidays). Once a service request has been logged, our call scheduling system delivers client calls according to their contracted SLA requirements directly to our local Technicians who are fully trained and equipped to deal with the specific requirement.

Our Telephone Support Packages