Converged Broadband

Our Converged products now include Broadband and FTTC, both of which are underpinned by a stringent SLA and offer the following options:

  • Product options for number of concurrent calls and monthly data usage allowances
  • A Cisco router is provided free of charge for all two-year-minimum contracts
  • Additional IP addresses (one free static IP as standard

Our voice-enabled products provide a whole new way of thinking for organisations of all sizes that want to reduce their spend on voice calls and data traffic while at the same time ensuring the highest-quality service is always available. Thanks to the rapid growth of broadband and our best of breed networks and engineering knowledge, we lead the way for converged voice and data products and services in the UK business marketplace. 

Converged Broadband provides high quality internet and IP telephony access on a single line, from one supplier and with UK-based support. Prior to provision we test each circuit. And every customer gets a very generous monthly data allowance. Fully Quality of Service (QoS) enabled, the service supports up to 10 voice channels and is backed by a robust performance SLA.

How does it work?

It’s a single broadband connection where voice traffic takes priority on a percentage of the available bandwidth. Think of it as the fast lane of a motorway, reserved for priority traffic during busy periods but open to everyone the rest of the time.

Using our intelligent broadband network and the advanced features of the Cisco 800 series routers, we’re able to provide a QoS-enabled service, which means your customers can enjoy consistently high-quality voice, backed by a performance SLA that is unhindered by any other data transferred across their single, converged connection.

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