Audio / Video conferencing:

If you need a conferencing service that offers a face to face interaction, or the ability to set up web conferencing, webinars, and to share presentations, then Solutions In Technology Video COnferencing for Business is the ideal service for you.

This service also gives you a virtual shared office solution, so you can continue to engage and support staff that work out of the office, with (IM) Instant Messaging allowing you to see when staff are at their desks and available. With the share desktops and set up virtual desktops functionality, you can also easily conduct team briefs for multiple locations.

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Audio conferencing:

If you are looking for a secure, high quality voice conferencing functionality from your phone system, then Horizon offers this and so much more. This service is also ideal if you make regular international calls, or need to include participants in the conference call that are located abroad, as these callers are only charged at the local rate when they use the Horizon app.

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