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SIP, Lines & Calls

Are your lines being used effectively?

Do you have the correct number of lines to meet your business objectives?


A tailored package to help you manage your costs.

At Solutions In Technology we make it easy to manage your costs and simplify business operations with a consolidated Lines and Calls package.

Offering competitive rates on both line rentals and call plans, we review your existing communication costs free of charge. We then design a package that is tailored to your business and undertake regular reviews to ensure maximum cost savings are being achieved.


  • Competitive call tariffs and line rental rates.
  • All lines maintained by us.
  • Low cost calls guaranteed.
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers.
  • Simple one bill solution billing.
  • Range of lines: Analogue, ISDN & SIP.
  • Passionate UK Support.
  • Call rates under a penny per minute.
  • Access to an online portal to manage your usage.
  • Optional toll fraud monitoring.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Wide range of local, business, and non-geo numbers available.

We frequently save our customers


Call Savings


Line Rental

Are you getting the most out of your Lines and Calls Package?

Our billing team will liaise with you to understand your current provision and provide a simple one bill solution, breaking down and displaying where each cost has been incurred. Thanks to our wholesale rates, we can often save you substantial amounts whilst also improving your call and line quality.

We offer a range of line types such as analogue, ISDN 2 or 30 and modern-day SIP.

There will be no interruption to your service during the switch over to us. We transfer lines, numbers, and call plans in a seamless fashion with zero downtime for your business. We allow you to keep your existing number(s)


In an ideal world, when you go on holiday you leave your business life behind, but every now and again it’s useful to be able to check-in with work. To help avoid excess charges, we offer international data roaming packages that allow you to access your call and data services for a small fee.

We make sure your roaming rates won’t cost the earth. We can add simple tariff passport packages for international and roaming usage or arrange bespoke discounts with the networks for specific destinations according to your call profile.



Our tariff review service begins by performing an analysis on your current spend, after which we will match your business call profile to the perfect tariffs, meaning you’ll never waste money on unused minutes again.

One of our experts will advise you on the best mobile phones for your employees, taking into account the nature of your work and what you will be using the phone for.

We can look at your existing bills from other providers and advise of any savings. We’ll do all the hard work.



Choosing the right telephone number can have a huge impact on your business. Whether you want to attract new customers with free phone calls, generate revenue, or give your business an easy to remember the number or national presence, we have a range of number options to suit your business needs.

  • Non-Geographic Numbers (0843/0844/0871/0872)
  • National Business Numbers (0345 and 0344)
  • National Freephone Numbers (0800/0300)
  • UK Local Area Numbers (01/02)
  • Charities and Not for Profit (030)

Fraud Monitor

Telephone fraud, otherwise known as ‘Dial-in fraud’ is now the largest source of fraud in the UK, being four times greater than credit card fraud and costing businesses over £1.5 billion a year. 84% of UK businesses are vulnerable to hacking with the average cost per incident being over £10,000.

Criminals can now hack into even the most advanced business telephone systems and use their lines to ring premium rate phone numbers set up abroad, leaving businesses liable for thousands of pounds in charges.

With Solutions In Technology Fraud monitor, your calls will be monitored 24/7 by our innovative monitoring system, contacting you immediately or barring the service when we spot any suspicious activity.

In the event that your business is hacked whilst supported by Fraud Monitor, you will not be liable for any charges.


Line Safe

Protecting you from engineering call out charges.

40% of businesses experience some form of telephone or broadband line fault every year. Every month thousands of businesses pay BT Openreach call out charges when faults are caused by their own equipment, wiring, or are misdiagnosed.

Faults that are initially diagnosed as a BT infrastructure issue but are in fact caused by your line or the equipment in your own premises can result in you having to pay a costly BT engineer call out charge. All for work that was not needed in the first place and still hasn’t resolved the problem.

Giving you complete peace of mind; with Line Safe this issue is now removed and any charges from BT Openreach will be covered by us, regardless of the fault.

A standard BT callout charge is currently £138.50 plus VAT.