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Code of Practice

Our code of practice is designed to be as clear and useful as possible for Telecoms.

This code of practice is designed to be as clear and useful as possible. It intends to:

  • outline the main services we offer;
  • tell you how to contact us;
  • give details of arrangements for sending you bills;
  • explain how you can pay your bills;
  • explain what to do if you have a complaint; and
  • outline the main features of other specific services, such as broadband and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Ofcom (the Office of Communications), the industry’s regulator, requires companies who provide communications services to produce a code of practice. This code of practice is known as Solution In Technology’s code of practice for small businesses.

Our code is set out in detail below. We pride ourselves on meeting all the standards set for us, whether these are set by the Government, Ofcom or us. We’ll regularly review our processes and systems and the performance of our people, to make sure that we continue to do the things we say we will. The Code of practice aims to ensure that Solutions In Technology is giving the best advice at all time to their customers.

If you have a complaint about our code of practice, please email us , call our Customer Service on 0333 200 4330 or write to:

Customer Service Manager

Solutions in Technology, 9-12 Springvale Business Estate, Cwmbran, Torfaen. NP44 5AZ

Nothing in this code forms part of any contract between you and us. The products and services we offer may not always be available, and from time to time we may change them, our terms and conditions, and the prices we charge.

Our standard terms and conditions apply to the products and services. These can be found on our website, or available upon request. All information was correct when this code was published (September 2019).

We provide services throughout the whole of South Wales and Bristol, although some services may not be available in certain areas. 

To order our phone service this section explains how to order our ordinary fixed telephone line service, sometimes called a ‘landline’.

You can order a phone service from one of our specialist Telecoms team over the phone or in person. We do not offer a service to residential customers at this moment in time.

If you’re a business customer, phone 0333 200 4330 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. The minimum term for our phone service is normally 24 months, unless we let you know otherwise. If you need a new phone service for a short period, please ask about our temporary service.

New customers

When providing a phone service to new business customers, we’ll suggest the payment option we’d prefer you to use. For most customers, this will be direct debit, unless it is local government or local education. We may also set a credit limit on your account, which we’ll tell you about when you apply for service.

The limit will stay on your phone service until you’ve shown that we can rely on you to pay your phone bills. If you reach your limit before we send you your next bill, we’ll send you an ‘interim bill’, which you must pay straight away.

If you do not pay your bills in full or on time, we may also bar (block) or limit outgoing calls from your line, or even incoming calls, until you’ve paid your bill.

We sometimes ask business customers to pay a deposit, this will normally be done if it’s a new start business or if there is a significant credit risk. In most cases we will usually be able to give business customers a phone service without asking for a deposit. When you apply for a service we’ll tell you whether you need to pay a deposit. If we do ask for a deposit, you’ll need to pay it before we connect you. We’ll also tell you, in writing, how long we’ll hold the deposit for.

If you’re a business customer, you’ll have to pay all charges for the service as often as we agree with you at the start of your contract.

Credit checks

If you’re a new customer asking for a phone service, we’ll check your credit history through a credit reference agency. Credit checking is regulated, and we follow all the legal requirements that apply. We’ll tell you if we’re going to carry out a credit check on your business.

A credit check may be registered with the credit reference agency, and your personal information will be given to other organisations, such as credit vetting agencies and their customers (if this is allowed under the Data Protection Act). For the credit check, you may need to provide proof of your identity, this will be undertaken at point of sale.

If we refuse to provide a phone service to your business, we won’t base this decision on just the result of your credit check. We may use various ways to reduce the risk to us. We may also refuse to provide a service to people who are not legally able to enter into a contract with us (such as people under 18). We may also refuse to supply a service if we have reason (based on reliable evidence) to believe that fraud is involved. 

Cancelling or ending a contract

You can cancel your contract or any part of the service at any time before we provide the service. Sometimes, we might ask you to pay us for any work we’ve done or money we’ve spent in getting ready to provide the service. If so, we’ll take reasonable steps to keep any costs down. If you want to cancel or end a contract, please contact Customer Service.

How long will it take to install?

We aim to provide phone services for businesses within 14 days of you asking us to (as long as there’s a phone line to your premises).

If we need to arrange a survey before carrying out the work, or provide any extra cabling (or both), it’ll take us longer to do the work. If this happens, we’ll tell you how long it’s likely to take. We can offer you a morning or afternoon appointment. A few Saturday appointments are also available, subject to prior arrangement and an extra charge


We use engineers employed by Openreach, Openreach installs and maintains services for all Britain’s phone and internet service providers. Openreach also services, supports and maintains the wiring, fibres and connections that link millions of homes and businesses in Britain to communications networks.

Your Phone Service

When we install your phone line, the kit openreach fit will depend on the type of access technology they use. If they use copper cable, they will fit either:

  • a special socket (known as a line box or Network Terminating Equipment and referred to as an NTE5) inside your premises; or
  • External Network Terminating Equipment (referred to as an XNTE) outside your premises. You can recognise the line box, which will be fitted inside your premises, by the horizontal line across the middle.

The External Network Terminating Equipment is a small grey box, which will be fitted to the outside of your premises. Both of these sockets are known as the ‘demarcation point’. Openreach network ends at the demarcation point.

No matter what type of line you have, you can rent or buy phones and other equipment from us, or you may want to buy your own.

Changing supplier

If you want to move your phone service to or from us and you’re still within the local exchange area, you should be able to keep your existing phone number. This changeover normally takes ten working days for business customers, and the phone companies concerned will do all the necessary work.

If you’d like more information, please phone 0333 200 4330.

If you’re a business customer, please contact your new service provider to check that they offer this service. If you need extra business products to be installed at the same time as moving the service to us, the changeover may take longer.

Cancelling or ending products or services

You may cancel any of our products or services at any time. However, if the product or service has a minimum term, you may have to pay a termination fee for ending it early. To cancel a product or service, please phone Customer Services on 0333 200 4330,

Extra sockets

We can install extra sockets if you want, but there will be a charge you for the work. Openreach may not necessarily install your line where we need it to go. In this instance there may be charge to move it.

Other services Broadband

Broadband is a high-speed connection to the internet that is ‘always on’. It gives you quick access to websites and allows you to download files quickly, and you can make phone calls at the same time.

We offer a wide range of broadband products for homes and offices. For more information and to buy broadband from us, go to or call 0333 200 4330.

If you want to switch to Solutions In Technology for your broadband service, just give us a call and we’ll do the rest.

You can get information on how to report faults, make a complaint, cancel your broadband service and make payments from

Terms and conditions can be give upon request from you the end user.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services deliver phone calls over broadband connections rather than traditional phone networks. To use a VoIP service, you’d normally use a broadband connection with some special equipment.

This equipment usually includes a personal computer with relevant software installed, a traditional phone with an adaptor that plugs into the broadband connection, or a wireless device with suitable software installed on it. Many VoIP services might ‘look and feel’ like traditional phone services but offer more features than a traditional phone system.

Our customer service commitment

Quality of service’ statement

We’re proud of our reputation and the service we provide and how good our people are at their jobs. We carry out checks on our service and liase with our suppliers and openreach on a regular basis to ensure the highest quality. This is primarily done to put right many faults before they cause a problem for our customers, but things can still go wrong. If they do, we want to know as quickly as possible so that we can put them right.

As soon as you report a fault on your phone line

We’ll aim to liase with Openreach regarding your fault in the timescales given in the service care level for your line. While you’re waiting for the fault to be repaired, you can ask us to divert all your incoming calls to another fixed or mobile number free of charge. If we do this, you can keep the diversion until we get an update from Openreach on your service.

Important note

Our Customer Service Guarantee Scheme doesn’t apply if we can’t supply or repair your line on time because of circumstances beyond our control or that of Openreach, (Storms, Floods, Lightning Strikes). In this case, you can ask us to keep your service connected by diverting calls to another number whenever possible.

Billing, payments and pricing

We provide services that you must pay for. In this section, we describe how we ask for payments and the help we can give you if you have problems paying your telecom bills. We also explain what action we’ll take if you don’t pay.

We aim to help you by:

  • promoting responsible behaviour by us and our customers;
  • encouraging people to pay their bills in full and on time;
  • keeping debt to a minimum and restricting service where necessary; and
  • making you more aware of how we do things in these areas.

We process the charges for calls you make on your phone line after you’ve made them, sometimes by as much as 3 months in advance for line rental. We’ll send you a bill every month, or every quarter you prefer. Your initial bill from Solutions in Technology will be Month in Arrears, Present Month and month in advance. Your initial bill will always be the highest. We usually bill business customers for rental charges every month for the period ahead, and for call charges every month for the period that’s just passed.

Your bill may show:

  • the cost of any calls made from your phone line;
  • rental for your phone line, services such as maintenance, and any phone or equipment you rent from us;
  • one-off charges and other engineering charges for connecting a service (Installation fees)
  • discount savings;
  • any amounts we owe you; and
  • charges for calls to an operator.

When you need to pay us

You must pay your bill 12 days after receiving the invoice, you will receive your invoice on or around the 12th of each month, therefore payment must be made on or before the 24th of each month. If you can’t pay by the date shown on your bill, it’s important that you contact us straight away. The earlier we know that you’re having payment problems, the more help we can give you. The number to ring is shown on the front of your phone bill. If you’re going away for a long time, and you might miss a bill, please tell us. This is so we can avoid restricting your phone service and save you a reconnection fee.

If there is a dispute on the bill, we ask you to pay the amount that you do not dispute and place the other amount into dispute until resolved.

We prefer you to pay by Monthly direct debit, unless alternative methods have been agreed with the finance team in advance. This means you can pay the full amount, and we won’t take the money from your bank (or building society) account any earlier than ten calendar days after the bill is produced.

If we don’t receive your payment on time

If we don’t get your payment by the date shown on your bill, we’ll do the following.

  • Remind you that the payment is due. We may do this with an automated voice call or email
  • If we can’t contact you via the automated voice call, we’ll send a letter at least seven days before we plan to cut you off to tell you your payment is overdue and that you must pay immediately to avoid being cut off.
  • Charge you a late-payment charge if we don’t get and process your payment immediately after sending you the first reminder. We may charge business customers interest for each day or a late payment charge. If we send you bills every month, we’ll send one reminder and you must pay immediately.

If we don’t get your payment immediately after sending you the first reminder, we’ll do the following:-

  • Restrict, in most cases, access to your services. This means you won’t be able to use Broadband make calls, and you’ll only be able to receive calls except to call emergency numbers such as 999 and 112).
  • Restrict your ability to receive calls, if you still don’t pay, the following will happen
  • If you try to make calls after we’ve restricted your service, automatically divert those calls to us so we can talk about how you can pay your bill.
  • Charge a fee for reconnecting you to a full telephone service after you pay your bill.

Disconnecting your phone line

Solutions in Technology will do everything possible to avoid cutting off your phone line. But if we do cut you off, we won’t reconnect your service until we’ve got full payment of the amount you owe. We’ll also charge for reconnecting your line and you’ll have to pay a deposit and sign a new Direct Debit Mandate.

We can cut off your phone service in the following situations.

  • If you gave incorrect or incomplete information when you applied for the phone service.
  • If we ask you to pay a deposit but you don’t do so.
  • If you break your agreement with us or we believe that your service is being used in a way forbidden by your agreement.
  • If you’ve had your service restricted so you can only receive, not make, calls because you still owe us money, and: you still don’t pay that amount;
  • we can’t contact you to talk about it; and you won’t agree to, or you fail to keep to, a payment arrangement.
  • If we sent you an interim bill because you went over your call limit, you haven’t paid that bill and you still don’t pay when we restrict your service to incoming calls only.
  • If twice in the past 12 months you’ve failed to pay an overdue amount and, as a result, we’ve restricted your service to incoming calls only.
  • If we suspect fraud. (If we notice an unusually high number of calls being made from your phone line, we may restrict your service immediately to avoid the build-up of further debt until we can contact you and find out the reasons for the high number of calls. If appropriate, we’ll investigate further to find out if fraud is taking place. We can prosecute in all cases of fraud.)

If you don’t pay the overdue amount after we’ve cut off your service, we’ll end your agreement with Solutions In Technology which may result in you losing your telephone number.

We may also charge you for all your services for the full term of your agreement. We’ll pass details of the overdue amount to a debt collection agency so they can collect the money for us, and we may charge you our costs for hiring the agency.

We’d explain this on the ‘termination notice’ we send you. Debt collection agencies are professional members of a recognised association responsible for regulating the debt collection industry. They’re licensed to do this work by the Office of Fair Trading. Information about your debt may be shared with other organisations that give credit. You’ll have to pay a charge to be reconnected for any further phone service with Solutions in Technology.

Your responsibilities to pay your bills

As our customer, you have responsibilities to us and we expect the following.

  • You should make sure we get full payment of your bill by the date shown on your bill.
  • If there’s a reason why you can’t pay your bill, or if you need more time to pay, you should let us know straight away.
  • If you’re having problems paying your bill, you should be prepared for us to restrict your calls to incoming calls only and pay the amount you owe over an agreed period.
  • If you’re a new customer, you should be prepared to agree a limit on your calls.
  • If you disagree with any item on your bill, you should let us know and then pay the amount you think is correct while we check everything.
  • If you plan to be away from the address we normally send your bill to for a long time, please tell us so we can help you arrange a payment.
  • If we ask you to pay a deposit, we’ll refund it only after an agreed time has passed and we’re happy with your payment history.

How to contact us

You can find our contact details online at Our main contact numbers is also listed below:

T: 0333 200 4330 – Head Office, Cwmbran