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Specifically designed for commercial print environments, Konica Minolta's bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 are designed to meet the very highest standards in productivity and quality. Our flagship presses boast 100 impressions per minute and 85 ipm respectively, regardless of substrate weight. Built for reliability and durability, they truly stand out from the competition with features like colour stability, unique de-curling hybrid technology and excellent finishing options, setting new standards in digital print output.
BLI PRO Award 2015 Konica Minolta

Buyers Lab 2015 Pro Pick Award Winner
Konica Minolta received three Buyers Laboratory (BLI) 2015 Production PRO Picks for its bizhub series of production print devices. The bizhub PRESS C1100 received Outstanding Color Mid-Volume Production Device. BLI is an independent company that evaluates office document equipment and solution products. The PRO awards go to the best performers in BLI’s production field tests. These evaluations entail three full days of intensive testing during which tens of thousands of impressions are printed. Read more.

A new standard in productivity

1 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085
Print service providers face rising challenges: rising costs, shrinking lead times and more complex and sophisticated customer requests.

Speed and performance to meet the tightest of deadlines - At a blazing print speed of up to 100 ipm for the bizhub PRESS C1100 and 85 ipm for the C1085, these presses are capable of producing up to 5192 (C1100) and 4413 (C1085) sheets per hour.

Consistent print speeds across a large range of substrate types - Featuring up to nine tray options, the bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 give you greater flexibility without compromising on speed. They maintain rated speed for up to 350 gsm, simplex and duplex.

Impressive image quality

2 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085
Ground-breaking 8-bit colour depth that prints smooth gradients without a visible moiré pattern. It guarantees close-to-offset results that are brighter and more consistent than what digital technology could previously achieve. At 1200 x 1200 dpi print resolution, fine detail and colour definition is exceptional.
Next-generation Simitri HDE toner captures an expanded colour gamut for superior accuracy. Simitri HDE digital polymerised toner has a three-dimensional hybrid structure containing functional polymer. It incorporates improved magenta pigment for superior reproduction of red hues, 10% higher overall percentage of pigment for superior quality in solid colour areas, and enhanced electro-photographic properties for super-fine text print.

Expanded media capabilities

3 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085
Superior result on a large range of media types and weights - The bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 are designed to accommodate a large range of paper weights - ranging from 64gsm all the way to card stock of 350gsm. Most media types are also supported, including synthetic stocks with and even embossed media.
New air separation technology allows both thick and thin stocks to achieve a more reliable feed. The newly-developed air suction feeder combined with the blowing air of the air-assist function creates a greater bonding area and more stable paper feed.

Impeccable precision and stability

4 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085
Close to offset precision - One precondition for success in the production printing sector is the highest precision. The bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 meet this challenge, with a back-to-front and page-to-page registration.
Automatic density adjustment, improved position and accuracy combine to keep your output stable without operator intervention.
Real-time colour calibration improves image stability during continuous printing, by detecting density correction patches on the intermediate transfer belt. It uses the IDC sensor in real time, and greatly improves stability for print output.

Purpose-built reliability stands up to production demands

6 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085 f
Life of the machine - The PRESS C1100 and C1085 are built on a high quality frame with long life parts. The print engines have a designed life of 20 and 16 million prints respectively, one of the highest print engine life in the marketplace.
The newly-developed fuser unit has been specifically designed for greater productivity, media capability and reliability. In addition to the proven air separation for media handling at the fuser belt, new technology has been implemented to enhance productivity. The larger upper fuser roller and belt steering assembly has been developed for added reliability. The new inlet roller facilitates better sheet transport.

Ease of use

7 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085 f
Large colour operator touch screen - A large, 15-inch colour touch display allows operators to control many aspects of the digital print system. Additionally, a help screen provides assistance when it comes to consumables and other required operator intervention.

Time-saving toner replacement - With long-life toner bottles, replacement becomes less frequent, and enables improved productivity and reduced operator intervention.
Auxiliary toner hopper - The bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 don’t need to stop printing to provide access to the toner area for toner replacement. The auxiliary toner hopper allows printing to continue, which means less printer stoppages and improved print productivity.

Reduced paper curl and consistent output

8 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085
Simitri HD low fixing temperature - The Simitri HDE toner has a lower fixing temperature, which allows the bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 to efficiently run at rated speed, and has the need for less power consumption saving the environment and reducing running costs. Additionally, the lower temperature also means less stress on the paper, with reduced paper curl and consistent output results.
Humidification unit - The unique humidification unit elevates the moisture content of the printed paper to prevent curling. The print results are crisp, clean and beautifully defined every time.

Expanded finishing capabilities

9 PRESS Colour C1100 C1085 g
The bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 feature a flat sheet output up to 10,000 sheets.
Unparalleled finishing options - Professional finishing of the printed product is an integral part of any production run – and flexibility is the key. The bizhub PRESS C1100 and C1085 can be equipped with a full range of highly versatile finishing options. Konica Minolta’s colour production presses accommodate all customer requirements, including numerous online punching and stapling options, a generous selection of folding functions, as well as book and booklet creation.
Sophisticated finishing features - A range of advanced features ensures you can produce sophisticated document formats. Mixplex, for example, allows combining single- and double-sided pages within one document. Mixmedia lets the user specify individual paper types from various trays on page-level. The combined mixmedia and mixplex function fully automates the production of complex one- and two-sided documents on different media.

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