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Photocopiers & Printers

Think of the future, if you anticipate growing as a company

then you will need a copier and a supplier who can be there to help you.



Our Trusted Brands

At Solutions In Technology we work with some of the Worlds leading Manufacturers to ensure we have the best selection to choose from. Every manufacturer has a diferent range of models offering different features and functionality.  We can provide you the best choice of machine to meet your demands and requirements.

We build, deliver and install directly by ourselves ensuring that we are 100% in control of the entire process.  Full customer training is delivered at point of installation on all our machines by our highly skilled team of engineers, which have been trained directly by the manufacturers. We offer a range of full service cover (Service Level Agreement) and after sales care packages to all our machines supplied. To discover more please call us on  0333 200 4330 for more details. 

We are proud to have achieved Konica Minolta’s highest accreditation – 

5 Star Service Accreditation

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Service and Support

Our force of highly-trained field service engineers are strategically located, and the total number of engineers is decided based upon a number of important factors including total Machines in Field, model profile, print/copy volume, equipment density and the geographic nature of the region. Taking due consideration of all these factors, Solutions in Technology decides upon the number of engineers needed to meet its existing and future contractual obligations.

Our Service Scheduling system automatically selects the right engineer for the job, taking into consideration such things as which engineer has the skills to fix a specific problem, the distance that the engineer will need to travel to get to the job, and what parts the engineer will need to have on hand.

To allow us to assess the criticality of the call we communicate directly with the site, check machine history and volume/usage, and in the first instance, we would deploy the services of the help desk (if appropriate) followed by a site visit to repair.  Consumables are automatically ordered when required using our managed software solution which talks directly to your multifunctional device.

Our standard engineer onsite support operating hours are 08.30 to 17.30 Monday to Friday (excluding the UK and Scottish Public Bank Holidays). Once a service request has been logged, our call scheduling system delivers client calls according to their contracted SLA requirements directly to our local technicians who are fully trained and equipped to deal with the specific requirement.